SAP Sales Order Lookup

Extract sales document data in minutes

Winshuttle Query empowers customer-facing workers to easily access SAP sales order data in familiar formats, such as Excel, Access, SharePoint online forms, or PDF forms. Timely access to accurate sales data—including real-time sales reports—helps companies improve purchasing, planning, accounting, and customer service.

Use Query to easily generate reports based on live SAP data

  • Sales order processing status
  • ATP and material backorder processing
  • Sales order cancellations
  • Credit and debit memos


Can Query extract AFS Sales Document Data?
Yes. Query can be used to view sales order reports in AFS systems.
What If I identify problems in sales orders? Can I fix them and mass upload back to SAP?
Yes. Query enables users to extract and identify problem areas with SAP orders and Winshuttle Transaction or the integrated Winshuttle Runner enable users to make changes and upload back into SAP.
Can I extract Long Text using Query? We currently rely on an ABAP programmer to decrypt and extract it through custom reports?
Query can be used to extract Long text without the need for any technical expertise. Query also provides a built-in template for long text reporting that users can apply to any object.