Procure to Pay

Simplify the procure-to-pay process and maintain integrity of the SAP Transaction

Given the complexities associated with the SAP GUI, how can one simplify, streamline and enhance the procure-to-pay process? Consider the approach of simplifying by creating a form to easily enter the essential data for purchase order creation (ME21N). Or if one needs to create 100’s of purchase orders, how could a mass update of this nature be accomplished in seconds as opposed to hours? Think about the advantages associated with how enhancing ERP usability can now expand the number of users who participate in the process driving more data accuracy, and overall user productivity.

Management needs comprehensive process workflow and transaction management in order to address procure to pay business processes proactively. Measuring supplier effectiveness, lowering working capital and improving procurement process across all divisions and functions, are just a few of the many key performance indicators directly affecting corporate performance. Finally, focusing on usability means incorporating the fact that every customer is unique in their business process and business rules – therefore, process implementation flexibility, ease-of-use, security and compliance are critical to achieving procure to pay efficiencies.

Enhancing SAP procure-to-pay usability enables the following:

  • Reduced data entry – limit your entry form to only the few key fields required and save time
  • Reduced programming costs – reduce IT dependency in coding, loading, testing and deploying
  • Reduce training costs – cut back on SAP training since now users don’t need to be SAP Power Users
  • Improve the data quality – simplifying data entry while enhancing entry validation and update validation assures high quality data entry all the time
  • Improve the business processes – streamline, simplify by creating standard templates by which our SAP user community will use and adhere.
  • Increase productivity – either reduce end user data entry time thus increasing workforce capacity.