Create Purchase Request – ME51/N

Streamline the Creation of SAP Purchase Requests

Winshuttle technologies help make it easier for purchasing organizations to create SAP purchase requests. Winshuttle enables users to work with SAP from Excel, Access, HTML, or PDF as the primary interface when creating purchase requests (PRs).

The purchase requisition process captures the critical information about needed items or services and the process required to authorize the acquisition. Although the purchase requisition processes and the required rules and data can vary based on region, industry, business needs, and the type of item or service, Winshuttle enables business analysts to work with SAP through more usable interfaces.

Benefits of using Winshuttle to create PR to purchasing organizations include:

  • Simplified creation of SAP purchase requests
  • Automated and aggregated recurring monthly requests
  • Minimized data entry and errors by using standardized templates
  • Vendor- and plant-specific templates for complex requests
  • Automated timing based on formulas to determine delivery schedule


Do I have to use the transaction ME51 to create a purchase request?
No. Winshuttle Transaction works with any standard SAP transaction code and customers’ own Z transactions.
How can I be sure that my purchase requests were created correctly?
Transaction and Winshuttle Server provide responses from the SAP system at the item level to the data source. Update successes and failures are visible in real time in the data source and in SAP.
Does this solution require configuration changes to my SAP system?
No. Transaction requires no ABAP components and does not require any changes in SAP system configuration.
Can an unauthorized user create purchase requests using this solution?
No. Transaction requires all users to have SAP credentials and they can only execute or record Transaction scripts against the transactions that they are authorized to use in SAP.