Purchase Order Lookup

Customize purchase order reports with Winshuttle Query

Extract timely SAP data and more efficiently create useful reports

Winshuttle Query enables users to extract timely SAP data and more efficiently create useful reports that can help to improve procurement processes and reduce operating costs. Query provides pre-built templates to enable users to extract SAP data directly into Excel, or they can choose to create their own templates, all without programming.

With Query, users can extract SAP purchasing data such as:

  • Purchase order history
  • Purchase order values
  • Purchase order invoice verification
  • Purchase order line item details and scheduling
  • Vendor confirmations
  • Fulfillment status of purchase orders
  • Planning-based purchasing
  • Efficiently update SAP purchasing data in Excel

Query integrates with Winshuttle Transaction, enabling users to update purchasing data in for example, the familiar, easy-to-use Excel interface. Users can make changes to scheduling, delivery dates, and quantities and then use the Excel add-in for Winshuttle Runner to upload data into SAP in a matter of minutes.


Can Query extract header and line item data of a purchase order?
Yes. Query enables users to download all data elements.
Can I establish a schedule for Query to automatically extract certain SAP data?
Yes. Query has a built-in scheduler that enables users to schedule unattended queries. They can also select where Query saves or sends the output and in what format.
Are SAP authorizations maintained with Query?
Yes. Query complies with all SAP table and organization-level authorizations.
Can Query download long text from purchase orders?
Yes. Query enables users to easily extract long text and provides a pre-built template for this purpose.