Business Process Improvement

Winshuttle technologies enable users to work in familiar interfaces, such as Excel, to more efficiently complete complex SAP business processes that can span many functional areas within a company. Instead of navigating through multiple screens, business users often stage the data for SAP transactions in Excel because it provides a complete view of the data. With Winshuttle Query, users can download SAP data directly into Excel. Winshuttle Transaction enables them to upload data directly from Excel to SAP with a single click.

These capabilities can significantly improve the efficiency of many common
SAP business processes, including:

Ensure data integrity and improve operations

Winshuttle technologies have built-in capabilities to ensure the completeness and accuracy of SAP data before the user uploads it, which helps companies avoid added costs caused by data re-entry and incorrect SAP data. And because Winshuttle technologies comply with SAP security and organization-level security policies, users can only access and update the data that they are authorized to access. By accelerating transactions within SAP, users can streamline their portion of an SAP business process. Making continual SAP process improvement a core organizational value can have a dramatic impact on a company’s operational efficiency and give it a measurable competitive edge in the marketplace.


Which SAP processes can Winshuttle technologies help improve?
Winshuttle technologies can be used with any process that requires users to input or download data from SAP.
We only want one version of an SAP process, can Winshuttle technologies help with that?
Yes. Winshuttle Central provides a controlled deployment environment that enables companies to govern which solutions they distribute to their SAP and Winshuttle users, ensuring consistency and security.