Change management

Today’s business climate requires companies to adjust to dynamic conditions and make organizational changes due to competition, expansion, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance, and other factors. Winshuttle technologies help companies implement organizational changes more efficiently by helping users update SAP data quickly and systematically.

Winshuttle Transaction and Query enable individual users to find and update SAP data significantly faster than it takes entire teams to do the same thing without these tools. Transaction and Query integrate with common productivity software, like Excel and Access, so users can work in a more usable interface as they make changes to SAP data. Winshuttle technologies also help to ensure that users upload complete and correct data, and these technologies comply with all SAP and organizational-level security and regulatory policies.

Winshuttle technologies have a proven record of success in helping companies quickly and accurately update SAP data in the midst of organizational change. Because Winshuttle technologies do not require users to have deep technical knowledge of SAP, skilled workers in key departments—such as HR—who have familiarity with current business processes and systems can quickly learn and use these tools to update crucial SAP data.