Data governance

Large companies that centralize their IT environments increasingly rely on ERP systems like SAP to manage mission-critical data, and their efforts to implement policies, procedures, and standards to ensure effective SAP data governance can be cumbersome. Winshuttle technologies can make SAP data governance more effective by providing many users with the tools to efficiently create, find, and update data.

Easily create and distribute standardized and repeatable processes

With Winshuttle Query and Transaction, users can easily create and use templates in familiar programs like Excel and Access to manage all types of SAP data. Because business users thoroughly understand the business context of various SAP processes, the templates that they create can significantly reduce the time and effort required for SAP data governance. With Winshuttle Central, companies can easily store, update, and distribute templates as needed, which helps to standardize processes across teams, business units, and branches. Additionally, Winshuttle technologies adhere to a company’s SAP security and organizational-level security policies, and they record changes to SAP data to allow for easy auditing.