Employee Self Service

Winshuttle technologies enable companies to deliver HR capabilities like personnel administration, expense reporting, benefits management, and payment administration directly to all employees through a familiar, usable interface. By using a Winshuttle solution that enables employees to easily access SAP data through familiar SharePoint interface with capabilities like in line validation, multi-lingual support, and customizable help, HR departments can save on training, support, and operational costs while providing customized portals for different organizations and business units. Because Winshuttle technologies comply with SAP and organization-level processes and policies, sensitive HR data remains protected from unauthorized access.

Deploy faster and start saving sooner

Winshuttle technologies use familiar corporate software, like SharePoint, so companies can deploy employee self-service applications in days or weeks rather than months. Companies can also avoid expensive investments and consulting costs associated with more complex SAP NetWeaver solutions. Winshuttle technologies provide simple, reusable components and forms that companies can easily apply to different scenarios, without using expensive programming resources or committing to costly customization projects. This built-in flexibility helps companies deploy employee self-service capabilities faster, and retire expensive manual processes and call centers sooner.