Partner Enablement

As companies become increasingly specialized and rely on partner networks for various functions, they need to find efficient and secure ways to share SAP datawith business partners. Winshuttle technologies enable companies to cost-effectively provide their partners with secure and controlled access to SAP data. They can also help companies avoid expensive integration projects—such as those that involve EDI—that can burden IT departments and create security and compliance issues.

Use familiar tools to allow business partners to maintain and share SAP data

Whether a company has a dozen partners or thousands, Winshuttle technologies facilitate the easy creation of web portals that provide business partners with access to specific SAP data. Because these solutions use familiar interfaces, like spreadsheets and forms, companies can more easily and simply customize what SAP data their business partners can share and how they can access it. For example, with Winshuttle Forms, business partners can efficiently update and maintain their own SAP data—such as vendor or customer master data, invoices, purchase orders, sales orders, payment advice, and billing statements—which can help a company save on the overhead costs of managing that data internally.