Product Development

Easily create and maintain product information within SAP and share it with the whole company

Streamline product management processes

Winshuttle technologies help companies gain a competitive advantage by enabling them to automate daily business processes in all phases of the product life cycle. Product management teams gain improved product portfolio analysis and management capabilities that enable them to better align product plans and objectives with corporate growth strategies.

More time for innovation

Greater insight and prediction capabilities help companies better manage the product and technology road map and the associated regulations, risks, and legal considerations. Winshuttle technologies facilitate more effective product management so team members can focus on creating innovative products that serve to differentiate the company in the marketplace.

Benefits of using Winshuttle technologies for product management:

  • Integration of people and information in a single, streamlined new product development and introduction process that covers product definition, requirements gathering, product development, supplier sourcing, and product ramp-up.
  • Optimization of enterprise product development, including sourcing of complex components.
  • Easy-to-use tools to monitor the flow of product management information through engineering, planning, and execution, and document each step of the production process.