Adobe Forms

Adobe Forms

SAP and Adobe’s partnership, initiated in 2002, has been focused on providing better usability experiences for SAP business processes via dedicated development, support and sales resources. SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe provides interactive PDF forms that are integrated within the SAP NetWeaver ecosystem. Winshuttle enabled PDF forms now provide another option to companies considering improving the usability of SAP business processes.

Winshuttle’s approach delivers a simplified approach to forms design and change maintenance while providing easy yet tight integration with over 91,000 SAP transactions. The key advantage of Winshuttle’s approach to forms design is the order of magnitude improvement in both development & deployment speed and their associated costs.

  • Forms Design & Change Simplicity. Create an SAP form by simply instantiating a WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) object and import it into Adobe LiveCycle to edit, test and deploy.
  • Easy Form to SAP Integration. Leveraging Winshuttle’s “Record – Map – Run” process for creating SAP transaction scripts and templates, Winshuttle Designer provides a streamlined approach to building SAP business process improvements with no requirement for expensive ABAP, SAP Workflow or iDOC developer expertise.
  • Development & Deployment Speed & Costs. All of this translates into a 10X order of improvement in development savings and increased deployment speed. Think of the impact on your SAP application backlog!


How does Winshuttle simplify the forms design process as compared to SAP Interactive Forms for Adobe?
Winshuttle Server enabled PDF forms are by far a simpler approach in terms of creating an SAP form by instantiating a WSDL (web services definition language) enabled SAP transaction in terms of scripting and mapping key SAP processes (Tcodes, and related fields, screens). As compared to SAP IFS® which requires ABAP development expertise and Adobe LiveCycle expertise to code these forms, Winshuttle Server enabled PDF forms clearly provides an order of magnitude improvement in ease and simplicity of development. A WSDL instantiated SAP Transaction can then be consumed by the Winshuttle Form Builder or any other 3rd party development environment that can consume WSDL objects (e.g. Adobe LiveCycle, SharePoint InfoPath Forms, Visual Studio, or for example, any Java IDE – integrated development environment). So the resource needed for Winshuttle Server enabled PDF forms would be someone who knows the transaction well, versus having to relay what you want to an ABAP programmer to write the BAPI – and possibly having to go back and forth until the business unit gets what it needs.