Data integration

SAP data integration capabilities of Winshuttle technologies enable companies to securely streamline the integration of third-party data with SAP systems—including posting incoming payments, entering supplier invoices, and executing massive price updates. Winshuttle enables business users to quickly set up and run processes in a way that adheres to corporate and SAP security policies. They can also use the built-in data validation capabilities to ensure data completeness and accuracy before they upload it into SAP.

Easily maintain SAP data integrity

Many companies use non-SAP systems for specific sales or HR applications, which can make SAP data integration challenging. Winshuttle technologies can help maintain consistency between systems and ensure a “single version of the truth.” For example, companies can use Winshuttle technologies to manage receipt of goods by cleansing EDI data and auditing three-way third-party invoice, receipt, and purchase-order matching processes (for SAP transactions such as MIGO, MB01, and MB02).


Is there a solution from Winshuttle that overcomes both the development and maintenance costs given traditional EDI-SAP data integration?
Yes. Winshuttle technologies enable business users to easily create supplier invoicing templates without programming expertise. After the templates are updated, they can be shared with suppliers who can update the templates with the latest information on product shipments and other order details, and securely email it back to the business user. The business user can then use Winshuttle Transaction to process the information and upload it to SAP in a way that adheres to SAP security, governance, and compliance policies.