SAP Forms for Online Processes

Streamline SAP processes with online forms

Winshuttle technologies enable companies to streamline user interactions with SAP and improve the quality of SAP data. Through the use of integrated online forms that remove unnecessary fields and screens from SAP business processes, non-technical users can more efficiently complete SAP forms applications, such as surveys and data-collection applications.

Build and deploy online forms without programming

Companies can implement Winshuttle technologies to empower business users and avoid SAP programming costs. Business users can use Winshuttle Transaction to easily record an online transaction through the SAP GUI and then publish it as a web service to Winshuttle Server. Administrators can then use Winshuttle Central to manage the deployment process in a way consistent with SAP governance, risk, and compliance requirements.


Can Winshuttle be used as an alternative for SAP self-service applications?
Yes. Employee and manager self-service applications are ideally suited for both online and offline forms solutions. Winshuttle enables business analysts to quickly build these applications and deploy them using Central and Server. Users can create online and offline forms for thousands of SAP applications, including personnel administration, benefits enrollment, leave of absence, and dependents management.