SAP Forms

Create forms for SAP processes more efficiently

Winshuttle empowers business users to design, build, and deploy web services without writing a single line of code. This new way of developing SAP forms provides myriad possible applications, including building fit-for-purpose or role-specific user interfaces for SAP.

Simplify data entry and deployment options and reduce SAP programming costs

With Winshuttle, business users can use Winshuttle Transaction to record a transaction through the SAP GUI and then publish it as a web service to Winshuttle Server. Administrators can then use Winshuttle Central to manage the deployment process and work flow consistent with IT governance requirements. Users can create both online and offline SAP forms.


Do Winshuttle SAP Forms depend on any specific forms technology?
No. Winshuttle SAP Forms is agnostic of forms technology and works with Adobe Forms, InfoPath, and HTML.
Our company has standardized on Microsoft SharePoint. How does Winshuttle 10 work with the SharePoint platform?
Winshuttle 10 uses SharePoint development and deployment capabilities. Business analysts can easily create SharePoint applications such as Time Entry (CAT2) or Personnel Administration (PA40). Deployment options include the ability for SAP administrators to use SharePoint facilities for user administration and document workflow and management to ensure overall SAP governance, compliance, and risk management.