SAP Queries

Winshuttle Query makes ad-hoc reporting accessible to the average business user and preserves SAP security and performance.

  • Simple to use: Query organizes tables in a Data Dictionary based on SAP function module and transaction code. Its familiar interface enables users to create reports based on live SAP data with just a few drag-and-drop actions. Users can also select from various output types, including Excel, Access, Text, SQL, or XML.
  • Robust security and compliance: Query preserves standard SAP security and can enforce organizational-level security (company code, sales organization, plant, and others) to help companies ensure SOX-Compliance.
  • Optimized performance: Query introduces the patent-pending Adaptive Query Throttling™ to optimize query performance based on the SAP system load. This mechanism enables users to safely add cluster and pool tables to a join.


What if an SAP transaction code is not listed with its associated tables? Can I add my own?
Yes. Query enables users to add and publish their own lists of favorites to the Data Dictionary.
Does Query work with custom tables?
Yes. Query works with custom tables and custom fields within a standard table.
Apart from the standard SAP security and additional organizational-level security provided by Query, can I restrict the use of the tool in our SAP landscape?
Yes. Query integrates with Winshuttle Central, which provides additional governance and workflow capabilities.
Can Query extract data from SAP structures?
SAP structures do not contain table data and therefore cannot be queried.
How does Query compare to BW?
Query provides direct access to real-time SAP data without the need for technical knowledge to setup or use it.
I am unable to use SQVI to extract data for over 1 million records, can Query help?
Yes. Query enables users to extract complete data sets in a single action and is not limited to a set number of records.