SAP Reporting

Winshuttle Query enables business users to create ad-hoc SAP reports based on real-time data. This capability helps companies realize the full value of their investments in SAP.

All of this means that the Winshuttle Usability Platform is the ideal platform for creating real time SAP reports that can provide management with the instantaneous status of SAP data so essential to solid decision making.

Make better decisions based on real-time SAP data

SAP reports based on real-time data can provide invaluable insights that drive better business decisions. A single, trusted view of business information can help decision makers at all levels of management.

Securely query SAP data

SAP tactical reporting tools—including SE16, SQVI, and SQ01—have limited ability to control unauthorized access to sensitive data. Query adheres to the SAP security model and allows only authorized users to access sensitive SAP data. Companies can also apply organization-level policies as needed to further restrict who can access certain SAP data and what reports they can create with that data.

Simplify the process of offline data modeling and reporting

Built-in SAP reporting solutions include business intelligence offerings for offline data analysis and modeling that require complex extract, transform, and load processes. Query helps simplify these processes and can provide a single, trusted view of real-time SAP data.

Locate SAP data and use system resources more efficiently

Query monitors server performance and can throttle its processing based on the server CPU’s cycle availability. It also provides a simplified view of the SAP data dictionary to help business analysts more easily obtaining the data they need.


Are there any software components that need to be installed on the SAP production server in order to enable SAP data query, extraction, and SAP reporting?
Querying one table at a time requires no additional software. Querying more than one table (requiring table joins) requires a functional module to be installed on the SAP production server.