Simplify SAP User Interfaces

Winshuttle user interface options include Excel and PDF forms.

Winshuttle user interface options include Excel and PDF forms.

SAP is a highly powerful and flexible, but generic system designed for use in any industry. As a result, the SAP UI (user interface) has many options to be designed into (or out of) individual implementations—a time-consuming and expensive process. Winshuttle technologies enable business users to use customized, familiar interfaces to interact with SAP data. With UI options that include Excel spreadsheets and PDF forms, Winshuttle technologies can eliminate the need for complex SAP UI design and programming and enable users to easily create automated, agile, and repeatable processes that help them work more efficiently with SAP data.

Maintain the security and integrity of SAP data

Winshuttle technologies provide SAP administrators with the ability to proactively control user administration, work flow, document management, and other critical command and control capabilities. In addition, Winshuttle technologies comply with all SAP security and organization-level governance and security policies, helping to ensure that regulations are followed and sensitive data is protected.


How can we determine the hard costs (instead of soft costs) associated with improving SAP usability?
Many companies struggle with quantifying the impact of improving SAP application usability. Winshuttle offers a Business Value Assessment program that provides industry benchmarks of companies that use SAP UI simplification and experience significant cost savings and capacity gains in the process. Contact Winshuttle for more information about the Business Value Assessment program.