Lean Solutions for Enterprise IT

Winshuttle’s Lean Data Management platform simplifies the application development process, providing enterprise IT departments with the ability to rapidly build solutions to address data growth challenges, while strictly adhering to SAP security and governance. Winshuttle’s Enterprise IT solutions support business growth and change, as well as accelerate application development.

Lean Data Management

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Lean IT Webinar

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Driving SAP Continuous Process Improvement leveraging Lean IT Principles

In his recent ASUG webinar, Michael Orzen provides insight into applying the principles of Lean IT to data management. Learn how Winshuttle's customer Canada Post is driving time to value in SAP by automating core business processes through lean application development.

Support Business Growth & Change

  • Meet the increased data demands of the business while dealing with flat budget and inflexible ERP systems
  • Manage business data growth and integrate it into the ERP system
  • Improve current systems and infrastructure

Accelerate Application Development

  • Develop and deploy solutions within days and weeks instead of months or years; increase responsiveness to changing business needs
  • Off-load application backlogs and free up expert IT resources to focus on tasks that require ABAP and BASIS programming skills.
  • Empower technical business analysts to build workflows, dashboards and reports
Lean IT Whitepaper

Lean IT White Paper

In this white paper, Michael Orzen explores the challenges and consequences of running a business with bad data, and opportunities to achieve high quality ERP data management, utilizing the principles of lean IT.

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Lean Application Development White Paper

Have you experienced challenges with building SAP applications? This white paper provides insight to consider lean application development as an approach to improve SAP data collection, validation and movement.

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Winshuttle for the Enterprise Architect

This white paper outlines how the Winshuttle platform compliments and fits into each component of the TOGAF Architecture Development Method by using a lean approach to data management.

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See how CIO Jerone Walters uses Winshuttle

“Increasing the quality of our data, reducing the amount of work that we’re doing and ensuring that it’s actually right… Winshuttle is a key application used across our organization.”

Jerone Walters, CIO at AZ Electronic Materials


A new age for the Office of the CIO

Now is the perfect opportunity for IT leaders to redefine their roles and seek allies outside the traditional spheres of finance and operations.

When shadow IT is exposed, it reveals invaluable knowledge about what employees truly need. Rather than only increasing policy enforcements to control employee behavior, IT departments can embrace shadow IT and provide a solution that will benefit the entire enterprise.

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Confessions of Shadow IT