Automate SAP Processes

Automate SAP and unlock the potential of SAP users

Process automation is a common goal in any organization, but of particular value when dealing with the complexities of an SAP system. System users are the most familiar with their work routines and how they could be more productive if they could automate SAP interactions, but they typically lack the technical skills to implement their ideas. The result is a seemingly unending list of request to the IT department to implement the ideas of line-of-business users.

Winshuttle makes it possible for IT departments to create an environment where users can automate SAP, creating their own process automation solutions by allowing mapping SAP interactions to familiar interfaces like Microsoft Excel or PDF forms.

Using Winshuttle, users can automate SAP in minutes by creating, using and modifying Winshuttle scripts – all without the need for expensive programmers. This dramatically reduces demands on the IT department to support incremental, department-level innovations.

Maintaining Security and Control

While empowering users to automate SAP and implement process improvements has obvious benefits throughout the organization, the IT department is still charged with maintaining governance and control of the SAP System. Winshuttle solutions work within SAP’s strict security and governance standards. No user can access or modify any SAP data using Winshuttle that they’re not already authorized for in the SAP system.

What’s more, Winshuttle Central provides IT professionals with a comprehensive governance and compliance-management platform for all Winshuttle assets. With Central, IT remains in charge of who uses Winshuttle, when, and how.