SAP Command & Control

Working smarter, not harder

With the ever increasing pressure on IT budgets, IT departments are constantly being asked to do more, with no corresponding increase in resources. Business users are also being asked to do more with less and need more out of the SAP system.

Winshuttle products such as Transaction and Query can empower users to innovate and automate SAP processes while freeing IT resources to focus on the highest priority projects. However, IT professionals are naturally concerned about the potential loss of SAP control and security that can come with pushing SAP process automation down to the system user level.

Bridging the gap

Only Winshuttle’s tools effectively bridges the needs of business users to innovate SAP processes while maintaining the SAP control and governance requirements of IT.

Winshuttle’s security features and strict adherence to SAP logins and authorizations gives IT leaders confidence that data and system security are not compromised in the process of increasing the organization’s productivity.

And more, Winshuttle Central provides enhanced SAP control via a powerful and easy to user administrative application that enables consolidated visibility and governance for enterprise deployments of Winshuttle solutions.