SAP Support

Enable user-driven business process improvement without compromising system performance

Effective support of SAP system users is a continuing challenge for any corporate IT department. SAP support, including responding to trouble tickets, analyzing system errors, and helping users troubleshoot unexpected results from the SAP system, places a large burden on the IT department and can channel resources away from other critical projects.

Offloading development while maintaining oversight

Winshuttle allows IT departments to better address all SAP support issues and more by making it simple for authorized users to access or update SAP data through a familiar interface like an Excel spreadsheet or a PDF form. Winshuttle provides users this power while allowing the IT department to maintain complete control of the Winshuttle deployment through a centralized administrative environment called Winshuttle Central. By allowing IT staff to determine when Winshuttle scripts can be run, Central also helps improve SAP system performance through load balancing.


How can Winshuttle help users drive process improvements?

Winshuttle is an easy to learn application that allows users to use familiar applications, like Excel, to interact with the SAP system. By allowing users to create their own scripts, Winshuttle provides them more flexibility and reduces request to the IT department for specialized development projects.