Accounting Document Lookup

Track accounting documents and postings regardless of the document type, company code, or fiscal year

Generate reports based on real-time SAP data

Query populating an account lookup to Excel

Query populating an account lookup to Excel

Financial accounting reports are crucial for a company to track financial performance and ensure regulatory compliance. This not only affects internal operational and strategic decision making, but also external creditors.Inaccurate or incomplete reports can negatively impact the organization in several areas:

  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Year to year projections
  • Increased Operational costs
  • Bad Decision making
  • Delayed Month-End and Year-End close

Although the SAP ERP system contains a wealth of financial data and reports, many challenges are still left to be addressed:

  • Standard reports do not provide a complete data set.
  • Data format is not easily extracted in a friendly format for distribution
  • SOX and SOD violations if reports cannot be limited on an Organizational Level
  • No Simple way to track approvals and setup workflow

Account lookup in Excel using Winshuttle Query

Account lookup in Excel using Winshuttle Query

Business users can use Winshuttle Query pre-built templates or create their own ad-hoc reports to extract live SAP data for financial accounting.

Winshuttle Query enables users to:

  • Look up accounting document data by any criteria
  • Display general ledger line item information
  • Check processing status and look up parked and posted documents
  • Research inter-company postings
  • Query any type of document, such as settlements, transfer postings, and incoming invoices
  • Create consolidation reports
  • Calculate and reconcile accounts on demand


I am unable to join cluster tables that contain financial data to create a meaningful report. How can Query help me?
Unlike standard reporting tools, Query enables users to join cluster and pool tables. For example, users can join an accounting document’s header table BKPF to the accounting document’s segment cluster table Bit Segment (BSEG).
Can I add formulas to perform calculations as data is being pulled from SAP?
Yes. Query enables users to add any Excel formula within the Mapper section and write the results to the same column to replace the old value or to a separate new column.
Can I extract my SAP Accounting Report to Excel directly? Or do I have to manually edit it?
Query supports Excel natively, so users can extract data, format, and sort it directly.
Can reports be scheduled to be run offline?
Yes. Users can schedule reports for offline processing at recurring intervals as desired. They can also add email addresses to receive notifications or choose to have the results file attached to the email message.
I have analyzed my report data and it prompts for corrections in SAP, do you have a solution?
Yes. After a user creates and extracts data using Query, they can easily use Winshuttle Transaction to upload any modifications or conversions back to SAP.
Multiple users need to run the same reports but with different variants, is this possible?
Yes. Winshuttle Runner—available as a tool or an Excel add-on—enables anyone to publish and embed reports to Excel. Users can set selection criteria at run-time, or they can use one query as the base and toggle selection and list fields as desired.