Change Vendor – XK02

Manage SAP vendor master data without programming

Create Easy to Use Forms for Vendor Creation & Maintenance

Create Easy to Use Forms for Vendor Creation & Maintenance

Winshuttle enables businesses to control vendor creation and maintenance processes without programming. Winshuttle products can model cross-company vendor creation procedures through their native integration with Microsoft SharePoint workflow and Microsoft Office. Users can also use Excel to extract and update vendor information for periodic maintenance of vendor data. Winshuttle provides the business the tools for non-programming solutions for vendor master data management.

Improve Business Insight with more accurate SAP Data

Vendor master data has multiple consumers including manufacturing, engineering, finance, purchasing, and logistics. Without a synchronized process, customer master data can become invalid. Erroneous vendor data can create the following problems:

  • Interruptions in receiving critical items and/or services
  • Inability to effectively govern supplier standards
  • Disruption and inefficiencies in the supply chain
  • Damaged relationships with critical suppliers
  • Delayed order fulfillment and revenue

Winshuttle solutions enable businesses to rapidly deploy and adjust to the specific needs of their vendor master data problems.

Improved customer information can lead to:

  • Fewer supply chain disruptions
  • Better understanding of vendor performance and quality
  • Enhanced purchasing decisions – better value, better quality
  • Improved order fulfillment


Do I have to use XK01 to create and XK02 to change my vendor information?
No. Workers can use almost any SAP transaction, including all relevant customer master SAP transactions: FK01, FK02, M-01, M-51
How are vendor creation and maintenance processes modeled?
Winshuttle Central uses SharePoint workflow to model processes.
How do I extract vendor information from SAP using Winshuttle?
Winshuttle Query enables users to securely extract all relevant vendor information form SAP.
Can I extract and upload from the same MS Excel workbook?
Yes. Query enables users to extract vendor data into a workbook and Winshuttle Transaction enables them to upload updated data from the same workbook.
Will extracting vendor information from affect my SAP system performance?
No. Query throttles extraction queries so SAP system performance is not affected.