GL Account Balance – FS10

Improve access to SAP general ledger account balance data

Streamlined FS10 GL Account Balance Display Form

Streamlined FS10 GL Account Balance Display Form

Winshuttle technologies enable users to perform multiple, simultaneous on-demand lookups of SAP GL Account Data balances and then share the data with reporting groups or publish it as a web service to a wider non-SAP audience. Account controllers and managers can quickly access timely and accurate SAP GL data through familiar interfaces, such as Excel and web forms.

With Winshuttle technologies, users do not need to remember account codes or interact with the SAP GUI. Winshuttle Transaction works with XML, Excel, and Access data sources to help users share SAP GL data with the business community more efficiently.

Benefits of using Winshuttle technologies to access SAP GL account balance data

  • Consistent and simplified templates for FS10 GL balance display
  • Accelerated mass extraction of GL balances
  • Rapid delivery of GL summary and detail information as data or web service inquiries
  • Avoidance of investments in time-consuming and complex ABAP code or data manipulation routines to create interim or status reports


Can I use Winshuttle Transaction with FS10N?
Yes. Transaction works with any standard SAP transaction code including FS10N, as well as customers’ own Z transactions.
Does this solution require configuration changes to my SAP system?
Transaction requires no ABAP components and does not require any changes in SAP system configuration.
Can an unauthorized user change sales orders using this solution?
No. Transaction requires all users to have SAP credentials and they can only execute or record Transaction scripts against the transactions that they are authorized to use in SAP.