GL Account Posting – FB50

Streamline financial data entry

Using Excel and Transaction to automate FB50

Using Excel and Transaction to automate FB50

Winshuttle helps accounting personnel more efficiently prepare and validate their journal voucher documents in Excel and enables them to park or post the data into SAP with the press of a button.

Without Winshuttle, this process is time-consuming and resource-intensive and can be twice as expensive if workers need to reenter data from Excel into SAP—even when using shared service centers or outsourced BPO services. Data reentry wastes resources and can cause significant delays at period-end closing.

Whether the journals consist of a few line items or complex entries with profitability segment analysis (CO-PA) and a large number of line items, users can easily configure Winshuttle spreadsheet templates to specific needs. Users can also facilitate journal document approvals with SAP-centric workflows or in Winshuttle workflows.

Benefits of using Winshuttle for financial data entry

Winshuttle solutions can streamline the journal entry process, drive significant productivity improvements, and shorten the period-end closing process.


What kinds of journal entries are supported by Winshuttle?
Winshuttle supports all kinds of journal documents, accruals, reversals, and allocations and a variety of SAP transactions, including FB50, FV50, FB01, F-65, F-02, and others.
Does Winshuttle support the new General Ledger (GL)?
Yes. Winshuttle supports the new GL provided by SAP ECC6.
Who can park or post documents into SAP from Excel?
Only users who have access to the relevant transactions can park or post to SAP with Winshuttle. Winshuttle completely respects all SAP security profiles.
Do the validation rules need to be replicated in Excel?
All validations are carried out live against SAP rules and do not need to be replicated in Excel. Some rules can be replicated in Excel if needed.
How does Winshuttle handle journal documents larger than 999 line items?
Excel macros enable users to split a large document into multiple small documents that they can then post into SAP all at once with Winshuttle.
What happens when there are errors in the line items? Can parts of the documents get posted?
Winshuttle has a validation functionality that identifies line-item level errors and pinpoints the line items that need corrections. Until all the header and line items in a document are completely error free, the document will not be posted into SAP.