Post Incoming Invoices – FB60

Prepare, validate and load invoices

Streamline the invoice entry process

Winshuttle technologies enable accounting personnel to upload incoming invoices from Excel to SAP. Users can create and distribute Excel-based invoice templates to vendors or configure Winshuttle-provided templates to vendor-specific formats. They can then validate the data in Excel to ensure completeness and accuracy before posting it to the SAP system.

Improve the accuracy and timeliness of SAP data

Winshuttle technologies enable users to work directly with SAP FB60 transaction data in Excel. This approach helps companies avoid time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry processes and it ensures timely invoice posting without delays at month- and period-ends.


Who can park or post documents into SAP from Excel?
Only users who have access to the relevant transactions can park or post to SAP with Winshuttle. Winshuttle technologies completely respect all SAP security profiles.
Do the validation rules need to be replicated in Excel?
All validations are carried out live against SAP rules, so they do not need to be replicated in Excel. Some rules can be replicated in Excel if needed.
How does Winshuttle handle invoices larger than 999 line items?
Excel macros can be used to split a large document into multiple small documents, which a user can then post all at once with Winshuttle.
What happens when there are errors in the line items? Can parts of the documents be posted?
The validation functionalities built into Winshuttle technologies can identify line-item level errors and pinpoint the line items that need corrections. Until all the header and line items in a document are completely error free, the document will not be posted to SAP.