Employee Master Data

Employee master data significance and management

Easily extract employee master data with Winshuttle Query

Easily extract employee master data with Winshuttle Query

Master data management is one of the commonly faced challenges in an agile enterprise. Especially in large organizations with offices in multiple locations, it is a very tedious job to maintain data of a large employee workforce.

Winshuttle Query provides an easy way to extract any Employee Master Data into Excel, Access or user defined Forms. The live data can be extracted by a non-technical user without compromising on SAP security. After reviewing the extracted data and making necessary changes, the data can be uploaded to SAP systems using Winshuttle Transaction.

Benefits of using Winshuttle technologies to manage SAP Employee Master Data:

  • More efficient HR management, which leads to increased productivity
  • Fewer errors in payroll activities, such as bill reimbursement
  • Increased employee satisfaction and retention


How can I make sure that unauthorized users do not have access to sensitive employee data?
Query allows users to extract only that information that they are authorized to access. Also, the designer of the query can set conditions on start-end dates, personnel number, company code, employee group, and other criteria to restrict the information a Winshuttle Runner user can extract.
Do I need access to SQ01, SQVI transactions to use Query?
No. Query does not require any transaction-level access. If a user’s SAP profile is authorized to view only a subset of information in a table, that person can view only those records with Query.