Time Sheets – CAT2

Maintain SAP Time Sheet Data from Non-SAP Sources

Maintain SAP time sheets from familiar interfaces

Maintain SAP time sheets from familiar interfaces

Users can create and maintain time sheet data in an SAP system consistently and quickly by sourcing time sheet data from a variety of non-SAP data sources, including Excel and Access. They can also support an offline/online data-entry model by staging personnel master and action data in Winshuttle Central, Excel, or Access prior to the final creation in SAP. Winshuttle Transaction and Central, work together with Winshuttle Designer to support the ability to facilitate web-based time sheet entry methods. This approach helps businesses avoid expensive investments in custom Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) interfaces.

Accelerate and simplify SAP time sheet data maintenance

Businesses with large workforces that rely on accurate time billing to customers, allocating costs, and keeping track of personnel likely use CAT2 for effective timekeeping. Failure to maintain current and correct time sheet data can result in billing and cost assignment errors and a poor understanding of who is doing what in a given workforce.

Companies that provide professional services or that operate in manufacturing or retail rely on timekeeping and time sheets to ensure correct compensation, costing, and billing. Appropriate assignment of start and stop times, attendance and absence, account assignment, and charge-back expenses need to apply correct data to the SAP system. Failure to maintain these pieces of data accurately and in a timely manner can lead to skewed or incorrect reporting and allocation data.

Transaction works with Excel and Access data sources to enable users to rapidly and systematically maintain time sheet data in SAP based on data previously entered or maintained in Excel, Access, or other sources.

Benefits of using Winshuttle technologies to maintain time sheet data include:

  • Consistent and simplified templates for CAT2 data submission
  • Accelerated mass creation or changes of time sheet data
  • Avoidance of investments in time-consuming and complex ABAP code or data manipulation routines to create data bridges between clocking and secondary time keeping systems and the SAP system of record.


Can I use Transaction with other transactions?
Yes. Transaction works with any standard SAP transaction code and customers’ own Z transactions.
Does this solution require configuration changes to my SAP system?
Transaction requires no ABAP components and does not require any changes in the SAP system configuration.
Can an unauthorized user change records and create data using this solution?
No. Transaction requires all users to have SAP credentials and they can only execute or record Transaction scripts against the transactions that they are authorized to use in SAP.