Material Management (MM)

Manage SAP materials management data more efficiently

  • Winshuttle technologies help business users automate processes related to SAP Materials Management (MM) data, including:
  • Purchasing goods and services (create requisitions, purchase orders, and receipts)
  • Managing inventory (issue and transfer inventory, restock, modify count or adjustment processes)
  • Inspecting materials
  • Updating a single material or article master record creation in SAP MM typically involves a large team of people entering data into at least 100 fields in over 20 different screens. With Winshuttle technologies, users can automate data creation and update processes, which helps eliminate errors. Additionally, this automation significantly reduces the number of steps involved in SAP MM processes, saving time, cost, and effort.

Some common SAP MM processes that users can simplify with Winshuttle technologies include:

  • New material creation—all views including extending materials to different plants and sales organizations (MM01/MM02)
  • Article masters for retail and apparel industry solutions (MM41/MM42)
  • Bills of material (BOMs), including variant configuration (CS01/CS02)
  • Material master and BOM changes—characteristics, MRP controller, prices, cost, components, storage location, and others ( MM02, CS02)
  • Material movement and inventory tracking (MB1A, MB1B)
  • Goods receipts and material document postings (MIGO, MB01, MB02)