Maintenance Request – IW31

Plan maintenance based on timely and accurate data

Using a SharePoint InfoPath Form to update a routine SAP Maintenance Request IW31

Using a SharePoint InfoPath Form to update a routine SAP Maintenance Request IW31

Workers often lack access to SAP during site visits, they collect data with paper forms and then re-enter the data into SAP hours or days later, or they give it to administrators to enter (using SAP transaction IW31). With electronic forms, companies can remove the need for workers to manually re-enter data, which helps save time, reduces the risk of inaccurate data, and can optimize maintenance planning. Winshuttle technologies enable companies to convert paper-based forms into electronic forms, which can help technicians and other field workers create maintenance orders from almost anywhere.

Collect data efficiently with Winshuttle Designer

With Designer, workers can create maintenance requests in the field and forward them to the head office via email where they are automatically posted to SAP.
Benefits of using Forms to create maintenance orders include:

  • More timely data entry into SAP, improving the integrity of data used to plan maintenance
  • Fewer errors caused by manual data entry
  • More effective maintenance planning based on improved processes for creating maintenance requests
  • Improved adoption by field workers due to the use of familiar, intuitive web-based interfaces


Can I use Adobe Forms or Microsoft InfoPath with Winshuttle technologies?
Yes. Winshuttle technologies fully support both Adobe Forms and Microsoft InfoPath. The data collected in these forms are posted to SAP through Winshuttle Server using a transaction recorded with Winshuttle Transaction.