Other modules

Winshuttle software simplifies SAP across every SAP module

Some of the other modules Winshuttle works with include:

  • SAP Inventory Management (SAP IM)
  • SAP Warehouse Management (SAP WM)
  • SAP Project System (SAP PS)
  • SAP Payroll (SAP PY)
  • SAP System Log (SAP SYS)

Some specific transaction processes and codes that Winshuttle simplifies include:

  • Data Browser
  • Creating or modifying purchase orders (ME21N, ME22n)
  • Routings creation and modification (CA01, CA02)
  • Project systems – project and WBS creation and modification (CJ20N)
  • Create or modify outline agreement (ME32K)
  • Create or modify functional locations (IL01, IL02)
  • Create or modify equipment master (IE01, IE02)