Data Browser – SE16

Replace SE16 and SAP Query

The SAP Data Browser tool, SE16, and the ad-hoc SAP query tools – SQVI, SQ01, etc., have been useful tools for many business users; however, due to security and performance issues with these tools, access to them is being taken away from most business users. Winshuttle Query makes Ad-Hoc reporting accessible to the average business user without compromising security and sacrificing SAP system performance.

There are three ways Query outshines these other products: Ease of use, Granular Security and Enhanced Performance.

Winshuttle Query benefits

  • Query is Simple: Tables are organized in a Data Dictionary by SAP Function Module and Transaction Codes in a friendly interface. With a few drag and drops, not only can you report on your live data you also have the flexibility of selecting from a multitude of output types: Excel, Access, Text, SQL or XML.
  • Query is Secure: Not only does Query preserve the Standard SAP security, it goes a step further by enforcing Organizational level security (Company Code, Sales Org, Plant etc.), SOX compliance has never been so easy.
  • Query Performs: Gone are the days where SAP system performance is at stake because of one badly designed report, Winshuttle Query introduces the patent-pending Adaptive Query Throttling™ to optimize Query performance based on the SAP system load.


Does query work with custom Tables?
Yes, Query works with Custom tables as well as custom fields within a standard table
Apart from the Standard SAP security and additional Organizational level security Query provides, can I restrict the use of the tool in our SAP landscape?
Yes, Query is integrated with Central which will allow you the ability for additional Governance and workflow.
Can Query extract data from Structures?
Structures do not contain table data and therefore cannot be queried.
Can Query extract data from Cluster or Pool tables?
Yes, Query can extract data from some cluster tables and pool tables and you can even join this data with other standard tables. HR cluster tables are not currently supported, however.
How does Query compare to BW?
Query allows access to real-time live data directly from SAP without the need for technical knowledge to setup or use.
I am unable to use SQVI to extract data for over 1 million records, can Query Help?
Yes, query is not limited to a set number of records allowing you to extract complete data sets in one go.