Create Material Serial Numbers – IQ01

Serialize equipment and materials in SAP more efficiently

Tracking materials and equipment at granular level requires serialization, which may involve hundreds of thousands or millions of SAP entries. Winshuttle Transaction enables users to rapidly and systematically create serial numbers and assign them to equipment and materials for item-level tracking.

Companies that need to track materials and equipment—especially those in the utility, food, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sectors— can use Transaction to rely on non-SAP data sources, such as Excel or Access, to furnish their SAP systems with granular tracking data.

You can use Winshuttle Transaction as an alternative to the actual SAP transaction IQ01 to create serial numbers for your material. In the case of an IS-U company, devices like power meters can have the details of the devices entered into SAP via a Winshuttle Transaction recording of IQ01. This allows information like manufacturer’s serial number; cost; acquisition value and acquisition date to be entered in bulk. This is especially useful since most utilities receive details on metering devices by lots from the manufacturer and the data is usually already in a tabular format in Excel. Using Winshuttle Transaction accelerates speed of data capture in SAP and avoids transcription errors.

Benefits of using Transaction to create SAP Material Serial Numbers include:

  • Consistent and simplified templates for data entry for IQ01 and IQ04
  • Rapid turnaround of establishment of serial numbers
  • Avoidance of investments in time-consuming and complex ABAP interfaces to furnish SAP with serial numbers from the manufacturing execution system (if one is available)


Can I use Winshuttle Transaction with IQ02 – Change Material Serial Numbers?
Yes, Winshuttle Transaction will work with any standard SAP transaction code as well as customer’s own Z transactions.
How can I be sure that my serial numbers were created correctly?
Using the standardized functionality of Winshuttle Transaction you use the transaction code as the basis for building your change/create or update script, responses from your SAP system are returned at the item level to your data source; successes and failure at update are visible in real-time in your data source and in SAP.
Does this solution require configuration changes to my SAP system?
Winshuttle Transaction requires no ABAP components and hence does not require any changes in your SAP system configuration.
Can an unauthorized user change sales orders using this solution?
No, Winshuttle Transaction requires all users to have SAP credentials and you can only execute or record Winshuttle Transaction scripts against the transactions that you are authorized to use in SAP.