Change Production Order – CO02

Accelerate the process of making mass changes

Winshuttle Transaction enables users to make mass changes to production orders and post them directly to SAP from Excel or Access. With the SAP interface, when users need to change certain fields on production orders they must use CO02 to change each order individually. Transaction enables them to automate these changes and create Excel templates that can save hours of work and significantly reduce the risk of data-entry errors.

Benefits of using Transaction to manage changes to
SAP production orders

  • Consistent and simplified templates for data entry with CO02
  • Accelerated mass change and mass deletion of SAP production order data
  • Quick turnaround time of production order corrections or adjustments
  • Avoidance of the need to invest in time-consuming and complex technical solutions for SAP production orders

SAP CO02 change production order

SAP CO02 change production order