Create Bill of Materials – CS01

Use Excel to improve the process of creating SAP bills of materials

Winshuttle technologies provide an easy way for users to create SAP bills of materials (BOMs) from Excel spreadsheets. Users can prepare BOM data files offline in the customized spreadsheet format with which they are most comfortable. The BOM file can contain multiple material BOMs and users can also download SAP materials master lists into Excel to lookup items. Winshuttle enables users to then quickly and easily validate the data before they upload it into the SAP system.

Increase productivity

Winshuttle significantly reduces the number of screens that users must negotiate when they create BOMs. By streamlining the process, users can save time and avoid data-entry errors. When necessary, Winshuttle also enable users to apply workflows to collect data or approval from others before they upload the BOM file into SAP.

Benefits of using Winshuttle to manage bills of materials creation

  • Significant time- and cost-savings
  • Fewer data errors
  • More efficient and timely production and shipment processes


How are the BOMs written to SAP? Are all the custom fields and validations that we have setup in SAP preserved?
The BOM data is written to SAP using RFCs and BAPIs and all custom fields and validation rules are preserved.
Who can create these BOMs in SAP? Are the security profiles in SAP respected?
Winshuttle technologies respect the standard SAP security profiles. If a user does not have access in SAP to create the BOMs, they cannot do it with Winshuttle.
What happens when there are errors in the input data?
The records with errors are not uploaded and error messages from SAP are shown on the Excel file or the form.
Will a partial BOM be uploaded if there are errors in some items?
No. The entire material BOM—including all line items—must be error free before it can be loaded successfully.
My BOM-creation process involves not just CS01, but also follow-up transactions to extend the BOM, create information records and suppliers, and other tasks. How do Winshuttle technologies handle this situation?
Winshuttle technologies enable users to link or chain multiple transactions with data from the same Excel file or form.