Maintain Plan Data – PP01

Automate plan data maintenance using non-SAP data sources

Manufacturers have ongoing demands for the establishment of costing assignments, routings, and control keys in SAP. Failure to maintain production planning attributes can result in improper allocation of resources, malformed processes, and incomplete or wrong information.

Companies that have complex sub-activities associated with the creation or manufacture of goods may need to define and assign hundreds of attributes. Assigning these attributes in SAP can be time-consuming and involve repetitive steps on similar items. Quick and accurate definition and assignment of information in SAP helps to ensure the success of downstream processes.

Appropriate configuration of plan data can ultimately determine whether a business can produce and sell something at a profit or whether similar products have similar costing profiles. Failure to maintain timely and accurate records of this data can lead to skewed or incorrect reporting data.

Using Winshuttle Transaction with Excel or Access as data sources can enable users to rapidly and systematically maintain plan data in SAP based on data entered or maintained in Excel or Access.

Benefits of using Winshuttle technologies to maintain plan data include:

  • Consistent and simplified templates for PP01 Maintain Plan Data
  • Accelerated mass creation or changes of plan data
  • Avoid investments in time-consuming and complex ABAP code or data manipulation routines to create data bridges between engineering, manufacturing, or other secondary systems and the SAP PP system of record.


Does this solution require configuration changes to my SAP system?
No. Transaction does not require any changes in the configuration of the SAP system.
How is security preserved?
Transaction follows the organization’s established SAP security model. Users can only work with data that they’ve already been authorized to access or update. All transactions are also fully auditable.
How does Winshuttle support SOX compliance?
Winshuttle products are designed to maintain the SAP auditing capabilities and require all users to have valid SAP credentials to access the SAP system.