Quality Management (QM)

Ensure SAP data integrity across business units

Winshuttle technologies enable companies to manage SAP Quality Management (QM) data more efficiently. Improved SAP QM processes can ensure that a company’s logistic supply chain, business process, and final products fulfill key requirements. Winshuttle technologies also enable business users to ensure data integrity and consistency across SAP Materials Management (MM), Production Planning (PP), and QM modules, which helps to reduce cost, resources, and time spent on the inspection process.

Automate the management of inspection data

With Winshuttle Transaction, users can easily record data, map it to the correct system, and run reports. This automation is secure, requires no programming expertise, and helps reduce errors. Winshuttle enables business users to create customized templates for specific inspection types that enable stakeholders to easily generate reports that reflect accurate, real-time SAP data.