Create Inspection Lots – QA01

Create inspection lots in SAP more efficiently

Manually creating inspection lots with SAP transaction QA01 is often time-consuming and error-prone. Winshuttle Transaction enables users to create scripts that upload Excel-based inspection lots directly into SAP. By using an Excel spreadsheet to set up all the structures for inspection lots, companies can realize significant time and cost savings.

Manage workflow and approvals more efficiently

Winshuttle Central provides workflows for users to manage the entire inspection lot creation process. As required, these workflows can be customized to include review and approval steps.

Benefits of using Winshuttle technologies to create inspection lots in SAP

  • Accelerated creation of inspection lots
  • More efficient quality inspection processes that can lead to higher-quality products
  • Consistent quality standards facilitated by improved governance processes
  • Improved quality management performance can have a positive effect on related departments, including materials management, plant maintenance, sales and distribution, and product planning


Can an unauthorized user maintain customers using this solution?
No. Transaction requires all users to have SAP credentials and they can only execute or record Transaction scripts against the transactions that they are authorized to use in SAP.
How is the create inspection lots process modeled?
Business users record transactions following their approved process, and then map the data to Excel or other online forms. Central uses SharePoint workflow for process modeling.
Does this solution require configuration changes to my SAP system?
No. Transaction requires no ABAP components and does not require any changes in SAP system configuration.