Sales Distribution (SD)

Work more efficiently with SAP Sales Distribution data

Winshuttle technologies enable users to integrate data from SAP Sales Distribution modules and simplify SAP data uploads and downloads. Using Excel-based templates, users can manage SAP Sales Distribution data from a familiar interface, which helps companies save time and money spent on the production process.

Winshuttle technologies enable faster, more accurate updates to SAP data

Business leaders can easily generate reports based on real-time data so they can more effectively:

  • Manage sales order creation and pricing condition updates
  • Identify ways to improve order-to-cash business processes
  • Source materials for customer inquiries, quotations, and orders
  • Enhance day-sales-outstanding to improve and accelerate A/R processing and cash flow
  • Winshuttle technologies can significantly improve the ease of use of standard SAP Sales Distribution transactions, such as create and/or modify purchase orders (ME21N and ME22N). A broad base of business users can easily conduct these transactions with minimal programming expertise, helping companies to accelerate order-to-cash ROI.