Create Condition Records – VK11

Automatically create thousands of tax records or pricing conditions in minutes

Winshuttle Transaction enables users to create thousands of new records in an SAP system for pricing conditions and tax records rapidly and consistently. Depending on business needs, fixed criteria or dynamic data can serve as the basis for these records.

Streamline processes and update records according to business needs

Tax and pricing conditions change constantly, which leads to cumbersome maintenance work for companies that use the VK11 transaction. Transaction works with the VK11 transaction to enable sales channel coordinators and pricing specialists to create thousands of records in just minutes. Users can quickly identify and rectify failures or errors in the creation of new conditions, which helps companies avoid inappropriate billing in sales order processing.

Transaction works with Excel and Access data sources, which enables users to use those more familiar programs as initial staging repositories for this data. Maintaining condition records (including discounts) can require hundreds of entries at a time, and the combination of Transaction with Excel or Access data sources helps users rapidly and systematically create condition records on demand or schedule future price changes.

Benefits of using Transaction to create SAP Condition Records include:

  • Consistent and simplified templates for data entry for VK11
  • Accelerated mass creation of condition record data in an SAP system
  • Rapid turnaround of corrections or adjustments of condition records
  • Avoids time-consuming and complex LSMW or Batch Data Communication (BDC) scripts and sessions to create SAP condition records
  • Reduces need to investment in temporary staff to create condition records in response to recurring requirements


Can I use Transaction with VK11?
Yes. Transaction works with any standard SAP transaction code and customers’ own Z transactions
How can I be sure that my condition records were created correctly?
The standardized functionality of Transaction uses the transaction code as the basis for building a change/create or update script, and responses from the SAP system are returned at the item level to the data source. Update successes and failures are visible in real time in the data source and in SAP.
Can an unauthorized user change sales orders?
No. Transaction requires all users to have SAP credentials and they are prevented from running scripts without proper authorization.