Deliveries Report

Lookup SAP delivery data in minutes

Improve customer service and supply chain processes

Winshuttle Query enables front line employees, such as tele-sales and customer-care representatives, to quickly lookup SAP order and delivery status. Similarly, supply chain business analysts can use Query to view real-time SAP data, analyze that information, and adjust processes to improve delivery performance and timeliness. Query complies with SAP and organizational-level security policies, so only authorized users can extract data into Excel, Access, or web forms. If needed, users can update data in Excel with Winshuttle Transaction or Runner and upload the data directly into SAP.

Benefits of using Query to lookup delivery data

  • Easily customizable views of data based on company code, plant, date, user, and other criteria
  • Better customer service
  • Improved on-time and in-full delivery performance
  • Simplified planning processes
  • Reduced delivery lead times
  • Increased orders shipped by the promised date
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Can I build a Deliveries Performance KPI report with Query?
Yes. Query enables users to extract live delivery data directly from SAP and it enables them to apply conversion formulas to any key fields in the report. In addition, with Excel capabilities users can add more complex functions, charts, and graphs as needed.
Can Query reports extract data from custom tables and fields?
Yes. Query can extract data from any table and field, both standard and custom.
How will having my customer care department running queries impact SAP system performance?
Query avoids performance issues normally experienced with large table reads by employing “data chunking”, data throttling, table join management, data capping, and time-out settings.