Sep 14, 2011

Groaning Shelves – avoiding Shelf Ware in the world of SAP

I have just spent the past week in meetings with our sales organization and one of the topics that came up as a topic line was the concept of Shelf ware. Enterprise Irregular Ray Wang wrote in 2010 that In the latest Software Insider survey, 57% of global enterprises own more software licenses than deployed Shelf ware of course is an interesting concept in that it is not something that a given organization ever intentionally invests in. In the realm of enterprise systems however there is almost always some software that lands up being bought but never gets implemented. The… Read more

Apr 25, 2011

SAP self-service for ERP

When self-service solutions and SAP are mentioned together, many SAP people think of human resources or SAP HCM ESS/MSS solutions. However, many scenarios beyond HR find employees and corporate partners having a reliance on SAP power users in order to complete their work tasks. Rather than having to go through these power users, couldn’t tasks (including and beyond HR) be completed more efficiently by empowering employees, suppliers and partners with access to SAP via self-service applications? In the early 2000’s there was a big information technology initiative entitled “Business to Employee – B2E” that attempted to address this broad-base approach… Read more