Oct 15, 2019

Five ways to accelerate your financial accounting automation journey

While many SAP financial processes are ripe for automation, Winshuttle customers tell us that tackling these 5 improvement priorities enabled them to get some quick wins, prove ROI, and secure funding to continue their automation journey: Speeding up general ledger entries Reducing invoicing traffic jams Improving Master Data accuracy Improving compliance across key business processes Spending less time preparing for audits The question is, how do you make headway on automation when your IT teams have a huge backlog of requests? The good news is that Winshuttle software doesn’t require specialized SAP programming skills, so SAP super users or analysts… Read more

Jul 22, 2015

Streamline Accounting Processes to Get More Out of Your Day

In most positions we can expect an element of diversity in job tasks day to day, but this can sap productivity and effectiveness. In accounting, streamlining processes and implementing lean solutions can decrease time spent on low level tasks, and allow you to get more out of each day.

Mar 3, 2015

Finance Automation: A Strategic Vision to Success

Financial automation will position your finance department as a strategic partner in the business, leading to savings and efficiency. Automation leads to streamlined finance operations, improves the through-put of transactional processing operations, and creates benefits like lower transactional costs.

Feb 26, 2015

Why Your Chart of Accounts is an Enterprise Asset

A properly defined Chart of Accounts (CoA) establishes a robust framework for business management. If you consider the CoA as an enterprise asset, processes need to be implemented to properly protect and manage your business data. Winshuttle’s flexible platform for implementing master data governance is the quickest path to improve SAP finance master records.

May 9, 2013

Get a high score in SAP credit management

If you were to take a step back from your current operational role in finance, how easy would it be for you to sort through the static noise that clutters your average workday? Where are your real operational finance issues as they relate to systems and what do you use to be more effective in your job? if you’re responsible for the Accounts Receivable function in your business then you may be suffering everyday as you move from one crisis to another. Could some of these issues be addressed by addressing the mechanical tasks you’re doing and perhaps spending more… Read more

Feb 8, 2013

SEPA, SAP and Winshuttle

Companies in the Euro zone will soon be hitting the EU regulatory D-Day of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). If you’re an existing SAP and possibly Winshuttle customer, you are likely wondering how you’ll meet the deadline in time. Where do you start with your effort and what can you do about making payments after 01 February 2014 if your SEPA initiative is incomplete? First off, you’ll need to understand that SEPA is not an IT project. It has much deeper ramifications for your finance department, cash flow and relations with your business partners. From a pure banking perspective… Read more

Feb 20, 2012

Taming Maverick Spending in the P2P Process

So today’s discussion centers around the whole procure to pay process and the related impact of the diminishing role of direct spend with the associated increase in indirect spend. A lot of this change has to do with the “right-sourcing” of traditional industries and the resulting increase of service and information technology companies – less purchase of direct goods for manufacturing (with a smaller universe of suppliers) with increased indirect spend with a vastly larger group of suppliers. All of this makes for a very challenging environment for procure to pay business processing market adaptation, and drives employees to maverick… Read more

Jun 27, 2011

Winshuttle now has online education too!

I’ve been working for the past few weeks with Winshuttle partner Michael Management on bringing some computer-based education to the community of Winshuttle customers and prospects, and it has been quite an interesting experience on a number of levels. As those of you, who have known Winshuttle for a few years will know, we have tried over the years to bring content to you in a variety of different forms on ways to how to maximize your SAP and Winshuttle product ROI. Most recently we have spent a considerable amount of time and resources on webinars and online pre-recorded content…. Read more

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