Application Development

Nov 15, 2013

Custom Development vs. “Off the Shelf” COTS Software

Chances are high you’ve likely made a significant investment in your ERP and back office systems. Yet changing business environments require you to either build additional infrastructure or buy a 3rd party product.  It’s necessary to in order to expand integration capacity or to update the front end look and feel of the application. Making a choice between building or buying a solution is nothing unusual in the business world. After-all there are simple factors, such as logistics, quality, and sustainability, which help to determine whether a company should in-source or outsource a finished product.  From an IT perspective the factors are… Read more

Sep 28, 2011

BUAD – Empowering the people in waves

Back in January 2011, Mark Driver of Gartner wrote on BUAD or Business Unit Application Development. The blog post outlined a new research report from Gartner on the topic and in particular best practices. Those of you most familiar with Winshuttle and the Winshuttle product suite will know that historically Winshuttle has been very attractive to BUAD scenarios for several key reasons. A low impact application installation footprint An Intuitive and quickly usable application set Portable, robust and durable automation scenarios that work the way users work It is no surprise then, that Winshuttle boasts over 1200 customers in many… Read more

Dec 2, 2010

Winshuttle 10 and Enterprise Application Usability

I have been talking to several current and prospective customers about Winshuttle 10 and have found that with these products we have really managed to address a pervasive customer pain point. The customers’ interest in improving SAP usability and user experience is increasing driven by one major factor. As users continue to get exposed to iPhone and Facebook-like interfaces, their patience in dealing with the ERP user-interfaces is diminishing. Customers are also realizing that usability comes at a great cost to the enterprise, a cost which most businesses can ill-afford in this economy. The solution to improving SAP usability does… Read more