Jun 29, 2016

Take a Round-Trip with Winshuttle Studio

In this post, learn how Winshuttle Studio can be used to optimize the creation and maintenance of your data in SAP, including round-trip scenarios

May 24, 2016

I DIRECT You to Upgrade to Studio v11!

Find out why upgrading to Studio v11 is great if you’re a DIRECT user, giving you the ability to delete any loops that are part of the original BAPI as well as create your own!

Mar 19, 2014

VA01 Sales Order Creation: How to Avoid Annoying Pop-ups

Anyone who has cut their teeth into working with Winshuttle and SAP has probably come to realize that Sales Order Creation transactions like VA21 and VA01 work differently from transactions like FB50, ME21 or ME51. In the sales order process, just as for procurement and some other areas of SAP, you have the ability to not only enter header data and order lines, but also schedule those lines for delivery to specific locations on specific dates. Depending on your SAP system configuration, however, you may run into pop-ups and other behaviors that make it difficult to build a robust Winshuttle… Read more

Jun 7, 2012

The condundrum of managing languages for materials in the world of SAP with MM01 and MM02

It’s been data clean up time, resulting from some data mangling as part of the demonstration routine. I thought I would look at a couple of optional ways to do this with Winshuttle Transaction. Around the release of v8.4 a couple of years ago, we introduced index based loops in Transaction for GUI scripting use on transaction screens that contained tables or grids. SAP users that are familiar with these types of screen artifacts know that the way these tables and grids have been developed have used a number of different types of navigation. In MM01 and MM02 for example,… Read more

Jul 29, 2011

Best Practices when working with Winshuttle Transaction scripts

The beauty of working with Winshuttle’s products is that they are not prescriptive about how you manage the automation of a given process. There are some constraints around the automations such as not being able to bypass your SAP security authorization profile, not being able to log onto an undefined SAP system but for the most part it is at your discretion as to how you use the products. Just like managing your PC files and music collection, the more disciplined and methodical you are about the way you use the products and their associated artifacts ultimately helps you in… Read more

Jul 11, 2011

The ‘Fascinating’ World of Cost Center Groups in SAP and the Challenge of KSH1

In the world of SAP FI-CO, CO stands for ‘Controlling and Cost Management’ or ‘Costing’ among some companies, as a subset. Controlling also includes Internal Accounting and Management Accounting. CO has three primary subsections: OM, CEL, and PCA. These subsections cover overheads, cost and revenue element accounting, and profit center accounting.   Costing elements that manage objects in Controlling with Project Systems include internal orders, the cost centres themselves, and the project systems’ work breakdown structure, among others. In aggregate, these roll up to profit centres and then to the balance sheet.   Cost Centres are simplistically units within SAP… Read more

Apr 5, 2011

When should I use Winshuttle Transaction to create a ‘report’ versus Winshuttle Query?

In response to a number of questions that have come up recently regarding the capabilities of reporting with Transaction versus Query, I thought I would share these with you by way of a blog post. Winshuttle offers three methods of extracting and reporting data from your SAP system: The first and most preferred method is through the use of Winshuttle Query, a desktop query building application that allows you to join ERP tables, Infosets, and logical databases together in a way that enables you to extract ERP data (including custom fields and tables). This data can be furnished to the… Read more

Oct 29, 2010

TechEd 2010 – Get your nerd on!

In the last couple weeks, I have been at two very different events. The first was SAP TechEd 2010, this year in Las Vegas, NV. The second was the Winshuttle User Group (WUG), which I will cover in a separate post.  This was Winshuttle’s first time exhibiting at TechEd in the US, so we really didn’t know what to expect. The TechEd event is really focused on the technical side of the SAP world, versus the more business focused side at Sapphire and the SAP Insider meetings. I actually explained TechEd to my wife and other non-SAP friends as Nerd-apalooza for the… Read more