Best Practices

Dec 1, 2011

Populating picklists on forms

When developing a forms and workflow solution, you regular need to populate so called picklists (a.k.a. dropdowns). It is a common task when developing forms with Winshuttle Workflow where you are typically collecting data for SAP. A key requirement in most scenarios where data is collected for SAP is to guide the user through inputting the right values. This can be achieved by limiting the user’s choice with picklists rather than presenting free-text fields. Often these picklists need to be populated with values from SAP. Driving values directly from SAP means less maintenance on the form as changes in SAP… Read more

Jul 29, 2011

Best Practices when working with Winshuttle Transaction scripts

The beauty of working with Winshuttle’s products is that they are not prescriptive about how you manage the automation of a given process. There are some constraints around the automations such as not being able to bypass your SAP security authorization profile, not being able to log onto an undefined SAP system but for the most part it is at your discretion as to how you use the products. Just like managing your PC files and music collection, the more disciplined and methodical you are about the way you use the products and their associated artifacts ultimately helps you in… Read more