May 11, 2011

Streamlining global operations using Winshuttle Central

Global organizations seek to simplify and standardize common business processes in an effort to reduce risk, optimize the use of resources and ensure consistency. IT administration, data management, and transactional processing are crucial functions of any global organization and a single view of the company is a likely and frequent vision for stakeholders. Winshuttle Central provides the capability to add the essential governance platform to IT administration, data management and transactional processing tasks. This begins with Central’s ability to act as an online, centralized repository of all data upload and data extraction scripts, data templates, online forms and processed data… Read more

Feb 16, 2011

Some thoughts on Mass Data Creation and Change in SAP

A number of conversations recently with customers reemphasized the significance and risks associated with mass change in SAP environments and this prompted me to consider how we address safety measures associated with using Winshuttle products in such scenarios. I thought it might be useful to revisit these as we plan for the upcoming releases of Transaction and Runner and in particular consider new features and assess existing ones. Here are some items to consider on this topic, this is not meant to be prescriptive or exhaustive but should give you some ideas about deployment and sustainment of mass change and… Read more

Dec 13, 2010

Leveraging the SharePoint 2010 capabilities

Just as many customers are evaluating the potential of SharePoint 2010 in order to make a decision on when to upgrade their existing SharePoint environment, the Winshuttle Central team is looking closely at SharePoint 2010 from a software vendor’s perspective. Not only do we want to adequately support customers on SharePoint 2010, but the expanded capabilities of the latest SharePoint release also increases the potential of products that are built on top of SharePoint such as Central. The next release of Central, version 10.1, will be fully compatible with SharePoint 2010. This means that regardless of whether customers are running… Read more

Nov 18, 2010

Winshuttle’s NEW Business Value Assessment Version 2.0!!!

So let’s continue with our discussion about measuring SAP usability and focus on what we can learn from your SAP users, the transactions they are executing, and information about the volume and complexity of these transactions.  Let’s call it … Business Value Assessment 2.0 or “BVA 2.0”. Let’s start with a couple of questions: Sure it helps to understand how my company is using SAP, the number of transactions, the volumes of screens and the fields processed.  But what I really need to know is “What is my finance team’s SAP performance?  Who are my SAP Finance transaction power users… Read more

Sep 30, 2010

Literally days to go now

We’re on a big countdown here in Winshuttle Product Management, together with our colleagues at Winshuttle Labs, for the General Availability release of STUDIO, CENTRAL and SERVER. This week, we received our first support request from the field for a BAPI and discovered some interesting ways customers are planning to use the new functionality afforded by Winshuttle DIRECT with TRANSACTION.