Data Entry

Nov 26, 2014

Why we bother with manual journals in accounting

Manual entries of any sort are often a source of concern, error and inefficiency and certainly they should be eliminated if possible, but under certain circumstances the creation of a manual journal is simply a necessity.

Dec 9, 2010

What are “SAP people” searching for?

As we build our the next generation site – it’s coming along nicely, thanks – we’ve been revisiting some old research we did around SAP-centric keywords and what terms people are searching on in the SAP ecosystem. SAP training and SAP jobs are two of the most common searches with hundreds of thousands of searches a month, which is not surprising, but from our perspective we don’t want to rank highly for those. The next level down are the modules (SAP MM, SAP HR, SAP FICO, SAP SD, etc. etc.), and these are trickier. They are clearly generic searches,… Read more