Data Management

Jan 16, 2015

Making deliveries just right

My colleague Kristian Kalsing wrote a blog in 2013 that used the analogue of buses and trains to describe the challenge of moving people around. In the context of moving data around the organization, I thought I would extend that concept further to embrace the ideas around trucks, trains and simply delivering things. If you’re responsible for shipping and logistics, you are typically responsible for planning and extending transportation services for goods haulage.  Planners in large organizations frequently face the problem of having millions of items of all shapes and sizes that need to be shipped from one or more locations… Read more

Mar 26, 2013

Standards-based data collection

A consistent experience is the mainstay of running an effective ERP system. Part of the rationale for implementing ERP is a unified view of data objects and processes in flight within the business. Centralizing your data processing to a single or a few systems eliminates some of the inconsistencies and churn associated with servicing different data demands of data platforms. In this vein, several overarching objectives flow from taking on the goal of standardized data collection approaches. Consistency Whether your business unit focuses on buying, making, storing or selling materials, the inventory or material master is the mainstay of reference… Read more