Feb 17, 2014

Five Rules to Maximize Your Data Reporting Effectiveness

Five Rules to Maximize Your Data Reporting Effectiveness What would you say is the most important commodity to any company’s success? I would argue that data is the most vital commodity to any company’s success. In fact data is probably the main reasons your company implemented an ERP solution like SAP. Data is critical to any organization, yet our ability to create and store more information- has created more problems. Data and reporting continue to be one of the most talked about topics including; the rate at which it’s growing, and the types of information being managed and analyzed.  Even… Read more

May 25, 2011

Is your SAP data quality running on empty?

You might argue that the quality of your data isn’t worth anything or you might argue that even though it is bad, it is better than no data at all. Bad data comes to mind as Winshuttle comes out of what I perceive to have been a good SAP ASUG Sapphire show in Orlando last week. All indications are that there were record attendance numbers, and certainly as a demo dolly at the Winshuttle booth, I can attest to having had quality conversations and heard interesting stories and problem descriptions. One particular prospect that I talked to described how their… Read more